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Li Huanjun Chairman of Jinchen Group,graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology and Jiangsu Radio & TV University,majoring in construction engineering and administration respectively. Then he got a master,S degree in EMBA of Business College of Nanjing University, and was continuously certified as senior engineer, senior accountant and senior economist as well as first-grade national-registered architect.

As the former Deputy Director of Jiangyan Construction Bureau, the current member of PCC(Political Consultative Conference)stading committee,the vice Chairman of Jiangyan FIC(Federation of Industry and Commerce),the chief of Jinchen Group,which is composed of Jinchen Commercial Limited Company and Taizhou Minxing Experimental Secondary Schoo,he has been honred as Outstanding Construction Entrepreneur in the city of Jiangyan and Taizhou,Model worker in Taizhou,Distinguished Aluminous of EMBA in Nanjing university,Provincial and National Prominent Construction Entrepreneur.

For many years,using his innovative ideas and scientific management,he has been leading the whole group to achieve successes one after another,making great profits for the future development.Meanwhile,with the belief to serve the society,he is always keen on charities,donning money to education and heliping those in distress.All of what he has done is well ackowledged among the public.Thus,a humanistic Jinchen Group is formed and growing up under the guidance of his belief.

In the 2009 Forum of Enterprise Development,Li Huanjun reflected on the growth of Jinchen Group,deciding the belief “To cherish the whole world as one community;to advocate a culture-based management of enterprise” as the motto of Jinchen Group.


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